Moving Planet Event in Snohomish

On September 24th, Snohomish conducted their own version of the event, which is a global effort to reduce the dependency we all have on the use of fossil fuels.

Local organizer, Jim Anderson decided to move organic produce from Chinook Farms to the Snohomish Community Food Bank to answer this challenge. The produce was gleaned early in the morning and carried to the river on wheelbarrows where they were loaded onto two canoes and a rowboat.

Now, mind you, Chinook Farms is five-and-a-half miles out of town to the south by way of the Snohomish River and the Food Bank is another 1.8 miles from the boat launch where they landed at Cady Park. Volunteers who walked, jogged, rode bikes and pushed strollers to get the produce from the Park to the Bank, brought in 438 pounds.

More volunteers from Home Depot picked another 103 pounds of fresh blueberries at the Blueberry Blossom Farm and walked to the food bank pulling the fruit behind them in wagons.

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